Fifth Friday Sound Bath

Fifth Friday July 30th @ 7:30 PM

 Join Jovan Illa for  a transformative sound bath, along with a guided meditation AND *brief intro to Tarot*

Registration for this event automatically enters you to win a free Tarot reading !

Sound Baths benefit body, mind, and spirit with deep healing vibrations, and frequencies. The tones and frequencies that emanate from the gong, singing bowls, and other ancient shamanic healing instruments they use bring about deep states of conscious meditation, which elicit transformative and profound experiences of deep relaxation and release. 


The most common experiences reported by our guests include: 

Stress relief 

Physical and mental relaxation

Emotional release

Cellular release

Deep states of meditation

Inner healing journey

Past or parallel-life recall

Soul retrieval

Spiritual activation

Mystical encounters

Out-of-body experiences

Limitless perception 

Unconditional love and bliss

Among many others…

If you would like to upgrade the experience, we are offering foot massages by the incredible students of the Panacea Health Institute and you can also purchase a vegan meal to enjoy outside after the experience. This center is a beautiful space for optimal healing.  Please note, each participant will have their own bed/cot that has been sanitized and everyone will be at least 6 feet apart for the Sound Bath.


Guests will be lying down for about an hour or so, please bring all necessary items for your comfort and pleasure. We will provide cots to lay on, but you are welcome to bring blankets, eye mask, crystals, etc., to assist your relaxation as you lie down. Dress comfortably. Please be kind to your fellow guests, and make sure you are free from (and have not been exposed to) cough, cold, or flu like symptoms. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and COVID protocols are in place for this, and all events in our space.


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